Create Your Custom
Raised Garden Bed

Endless Enjoyment.

Enhance any space with our thoughtfully designed, sturdy and lightweight elevated garden beds.
Infinity Garden Beds’ Distinguished aesthetic, combines function with sophistication to create an exhilarating environment that uplifts, inspires and energizes the soul. These custom fiberglass beds accentuate the beauty of your environment.  

Limitless Customization.

Build your masterpiece. Customizable size, height, color and stacking options. Lay them on the ground or add legs for extra height and convenience.

Easy Drain Technology.

Our rigid drain system, made for gravel and underlayment material, make a nurturing home for any greenery.

Weather Resistant. 

Our pre-cut, structural fiberglass will never rot, making these the last beds you’ll ever purchase or construct.

Unlock Nature Now.

Create unmistakable style with vibrant color, sleek design and limitless custom options that bring more than your garden to life!
Benefits include:

Garden in limited spaces

Solving accessibility issues.

Longer Growing Seasons

Extend the growing season – plant earlier in spring because the soil warms up sooner. 

Chemical Free

Zero chemicals leaching into the soil.

New Heights

 Elevate your experience with custom heights.

Increase Yield

Eliminate pest problems with raised beds.

Maintenance Free

Maintenance free, luxury performance, 15-year guarantee.*  

Limitless Customization.

Unlimited Variations.

  • Customizable size and height options 
  • Notched corner design
  • Stackable for deeper beds
  • Lay them on the ground, or add legs for extra height and convenience.

Easy Assembly.

  • Can be assembled by “unskilled” labor: All bed parts are prefabricated and ready to assemble on site.
  • Beds ship with all parts, components, and instructions.
  • Professional installation available if desired.

Luxury Performance.

Say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new.

Lasts up to 100 years in outdoor environments.

Infinity Garden Products raised beds are made with Fiber reinforced polymer or FRP. FRP is manufactured by a process called protrusion, which uses glass strands that are pulled through a die and embedded in a polymer, making a strong, durable product that is ideal for flower beds and gardening.

Our products are weather, rot and corrosion resistant.

Raised Bed Design Studio

Design your perfect garden beds by selecting the options below.

Made and fabricated in the USA
Want a custom size?  Contact us for a quote.

Actual dimensions are 1-inch smaller than nominal dimensions.
Example: a 2×4 is actually 1′-11″ X 3′-11″

Happy Gardeners.

A sample of testimonials from Infinity Garden Products customers. 

Having my raised bed has been great. It encourages me to use fresh herbs in my cooking, and tending to my raised bedhas turned out to be a fun & enjoyable hobby on its own. My raised bed is elevated and allows for excellent drainagewhich is great for my plants, especially in the relatively wet climate of Boone, NC. I like that it is easy to spray off grass clippings from the sides after I mow, and that there is no discoloration or degradation due to the elements. 

– Infinity Garden Beds Customer

I purchased a raised bed from Infinity Garden Products this past spring. We installed it on our deck where we host a lot of family activities throughout the summer. It has been very rewarding to pick tomatoes from the vine and place them on a salad or simply eat them as a snack. The raised bed is very well built and durable. I expect it will work for years to come.

– Kevin T.

We LOVE our raised garden bed. We’ve gotten endless compliments from neighbors and friends on how it looks, and I love knowing that it is completely safe, with zero chemicals getting into the soil. We would have many more and recommend them to anyone!

– Jamie C.

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